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This article describes the educational solutions module at the most current personal and professional problem solving website. It also discusses competitive offerings, customer profiles, problem-oriented solutions and target markets. The module’s contribution to the information superhighway is highlighted.


This article aims to present to the world the educational solution module of the most popular personal and professional problem solving website. This article is for those who have an educational problem that is causing them concern and are looking for solutions. Readers could be parents, students, or children.

We all experience problems. This is a fact of life. This site is our friend and pragmatic guide to solving our educational problems.

A problem solving website must offer practical discussions about the problem and merchant products that provide more detail. The web site will usually provide information free of charge in the form news, articles and advice. This helps the visitor to figure out the best way to solve her problem. The web site will also offer merchant products that explain in detail how the visitor can solve her problem. The most user-friendly and visitor-oriented site for problem-solving will be a commercial site that is packed with information. This site, along with its specialist sites, is also the world’s latest personal and professional site.

Below is our approach to describe competitive offerings and customer profiles, problem-oriented solution, target markets, product offerings, usability features, and target markets.

Competitive Offerings

These are the top education sites on the Internet.

The US Department of Education. This document outlines the US education policy. It also provides information about financial aid, educational statistics and grants.

Educational Testing Service. This service offers a variety of test resources. It offers educational games for children aged K-8. It offers fun games and learning tools for children.

GEM. It offers educational resources, such as lesson plans and other teaching resources.

Education World. It offers advice on technology integration, professional development and lesson plans.

NASA Education Enterprise. It offers educational materials and information related to space exploration.

Spartacus Educational. It is an online British encyclopedia that focuses primarily on historical topics.

Department for Education and Skills. This is a UK department site that provides information and advice on a variety of skills and educational topics.

Times Educational Supplement. It provides teaching news, teaching and educational resources, as well as active forums for UK teachers.
These sites can be useful for the domains they cover. These sites have the following limitations:

1. They are limited to a small segment of the educational market.
2. They don’t consider the family’s daily education needs as their starting point.
3. They lack a problem-focus, i.e. they don’t formulate the learning and educational problems that students, parents, and pupils face every day.
4. The solutions suggested aren’t as effective (i.e.,. They are not as problem-centered as they could be.
5. They don’t offer any merchant products to help the visitor understand her problem better and the possible solutions.

These problems are addressed by the educational solutions module on the most recent personal and professional solution site. It targets a variety of market segments and considers the unique needs and problems of each family.

Customer Profile

The educational solutions module’s customer profile and target visitor characteristics are the same as all other specialist sites on the most current personal and professional problem solving website. This site was created to address the educational problems of those who visit it. The site is intended for males as well as females. However, it can be used to refer to one sex in writing.

The visitor uses search engines to find information about her professional or personal problem with the intent of solving it. This visitor is determined to solve her problem. She will therefore purchase products that can help her achieve her goal. However, she must be able to find accurate and reliable information about the products in order to make informed decisions about which products to buy. This will allow her to manage her finances and save money.

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