Entertainment in India for The Thinking Mind

The earliest forms of entertainment in India were music, drama, painting and drama. Impersonation, puppetry, literature, and hunting were all common. The times have changed, and gradually, entertainment became more important as people began to consider television, cinema, and theatre the main sources of entertainment. These entertainment forms were once considered fine arts, and became rare and often overlooked. People’s tastes changed with the popularity of television serials, films, and book reading becoming a significant part of Indian entertainment. India today is full of multiplexes and glorified book shops, as well as cable TV connections. These places are popular for entertainment, whether it is a holiday or a day in the life of the average Indian.

People like Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bhanchan, Subhash Ghai. Rituporno Ghosh. Rekha, Kareena Kapooor, Irrfan Khan. Amir Khan and Vishal Bhhardwaj are the film fraternity. They have elevated the Indian film industry. The audience is open to intelligent films, which is why films such as Black, Maqbool and Black Friday have received such positive receptions. Television serials and soaps are gaining popularity and allowing entertainment to move beyond the walls of cinema halls into the living rooms of viewers. Some shows are family-oriented. However, others are more focused on the entertainment of the young. They are now so well-known that they have to be careful not to get mobbed. The Indian TV and film scene has improved and the entertainment level has increased. Due to their wide audience, film stars are also venturing into television. These aren’t the only entertainment options. Book stores also provide the relief people seek.

Amitava Ghosh and Khushwant Singh are creating such engaging reads that Indian entertainment is taking on a new dimension. Film makers are looking at making films from books that are so well-received by readers. Three Idiots is a recent film that was heavily influenced by Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. Many TV serials also topped the list of best-sellers. Indian entertainment has reached a stage where all forms of entertainment are enjoying peaceful co-existence. The entertainment industry is developing, producing and growing in this way. Slapstick comedy and silly jokes are not appreciated by the human mind. India’s entertainment industry is prepared for such serious times.

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