You Are Required To Adhere To The Following Fundamental Guidelines:

  • The blog post that you submit has to be an original piece of work by you.
  • You need to have the legal right to publish and/or disseminate the blog post that you submit.
  • The minimum length for a blog post is five hundred words, and it must include at least one image that is high definition.
  • There should be between two and three subheadings.
  • A variety of categories are permitted.
  • All of the Content Should Be One Hundred Percent Original, and It Should Pass Both CopyScape and This Plagiarism Checker:
  • The content should be written in a grammatically correct manner. Please run your submission with Grammarly before submitting it. You need to satisfy the following Grammarly requirements:
  • The overall performance score must be greater than or equal to 95 percent
  • Verify that there are no typos, grammatical problems, or punctuation mistakes.
  • Very fascinating content
  • The content ought to be more transparent and straightforward.
  • We do not permit the use of any short links in the Blog.

The Stuff That May Be Seen Below Is Unacceptable.

  • Content that either sells items produced from endangered or threatened species or promotes, sells or advertises those things.
  • The selling of alcoholic drinks through the internet
  • The marketing of pharmaceuticals requiring a doctor’s prescription
  • The purchase or sale of firearms or ammunition 
  • Step-by-step guides for the modification or do-it-yourself assembly of weapons
  • The distribution or sale of assigned student work or student essays

Take Into Account The Following:

  • A blog must have more than 700 words to qualify for a do-follow link.
  • The blog entry must be longer than 900 words to receive 2 links.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Objections We Have To The Blog:

  • The writing on the blog has several typos and other grammatical mistakes.
  • Duplicate blog.
  • The text is difficult to understand, or it does not provide any information that may be helpful.
  • If the article’s content is overly promotional or if it seems like advertising.

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