To Build Your Dream Home, Follow the Current Custom Home Trends


Copper is a popular element that gains steam both in decorative pieces and functional items, such as light fixtures, sinks, tubs, and sinks. Copper adds a rustic touch to traditional designs, according to top custom home builders. This trend has been growing for many years.

Water Features

The trend for water features is being promoted by top custom home builders. For creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, fountains, waterfalls, or open water paths are great options. These make your home feel like a retreat and are a joy to return to.

As usual, waterfall islands are located in the middle kitchen. They can be made of marble, granite, or wood. This is an element that homeowners will either love or hate. You can also make changes to the combination of indoors-outdoor living spaces.

Fluid Designs

New homes don’t have to be separated between indoors or outdoors. Instead, they flow in and out of each other. The spaces are separated by screens and glass walls. Many of these can be retracted to let fresh air flow in. For the outdoor, floor and wall materials are made from natural materials.

Glass stairways can be made more open by adding glass to give them a more spacious feel. They are also accented with natural materials such as wood and iron. They have become a focal point of the home.

The importance of outdoor spaces is just as important to home design as the importance of indoor. These spaces still include outdoor fireplaces and firepits, water features, and ample opportunities to socialize with friends and family. Because more people value being outdoors, top custom home builders agree that outdoor spaces are essential even in colder climates. Even smaller homes are being built than outdoor spaces.

Industrial Elements

According to top custom home builders, industrial accents such as fixtures and lights are becoming more popular and can be paired with bright colors and other decorative elements. This combination is a great way for everyone to feel at home and create a welcoming atmosphere. This look was once only available in businesses, but is now being adopted by more people.


Contemporary design is incorporating rustic elements. Barn doors are used in bedrooms, closets, and kitchen pantries as examples. These doors are a unique feature that homeowners can use to open up rooms that may otherwise need to be closed.

According to top custom home builders, it is possible to create a home that has both an elegant and rustic feeling. These are the current trends.

Going green

Green and sustainable elements in homes are becoming more popular. Top custom home builders are well aware of the award-winning designs people desire. It is essential to be mindful of the environment when you own a home. If you consider all materials, from floor to ceiling, the benefits are endless. It will not only save you money on taxes but also help to lower your bills and natural resources. Reusable products are also more cost-effective.

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